THREE MOUNTAINS: the synopsis

George Pór
3 min readDec 21, 2023


Is it an invitation to:

  • Boosting wisdom-guided collective intelligence in organizations?
  • A school for budding AI whisperers and AI shamans?
  • Practicing planetary change artistry?
  • Intentional self-development?

It is all of the above, designed so that the different facets of the THREE MOUNTAINS game intertwine and enrich the players’ experience.

The three mountains that gave its title are called PRESENCE Peak, SOVEREIGNTY Summit, and PLANETARY Plateau.


Is it:

  • An adventure game?
  • A learning expedition?
  • Transmedia storytelling?
  • An action research project?

What makes the THREE MOUNTAINS both super-stimulating and stretching the participants’ individual and collective capability development boundaries is that it’s more than all of the above. They will immerse in scenarios where the different aspects of the WHATs and HOWs intertwine and interlace with their real-life experience.


Who will benefit?

Individuals seeking to become the next version of themselves through intentional self-development that is also fun and entertaining, and those who want to learn to nurture the AI-supported and wisdom-guided collective intelligence of their organizations and communities.

They may include community facilitators, organizational professionals working in or with organizations, helping professionals, public service workers, educators, movement builders, and all those who seek to unleash their full potential for contributing to the transition to a better world.

We will also create specialized versions of THREE MOUNTAINS tailored to the context and coordination needs of scientific communities, businesses, education and governmental organizations, and other institutions.

Who is behind this initiative?

The THREE MOUNTAINS project was born as a brainchild of George Pór, founder of the Future HOW Center of Action Research for Regenerative Futures. The development of its initial concept, under the title Wisdom-Guided Collective Hybrid Intelligence (CHI) in a Network of Human & AI Agents, was supported by a grant from Algovera AI.

The concept was tested in two design workshops held in partnership with RADAR DAO, a collective of 300+ futurists and innovators. Out of those workshops, it morphed into its present version: a Generative Action Research project designed as an AI-assisted serious game.

That version is currently being developed in partnership with River DAO, an organization that “integrates next-generation AI, collective intelligence, and decentralized governance, creating wisdom-guided technology that benefits all of humanity.”


Playing out in various global and local contexts, the THREE MOUNTAINS initiative has not just one purpose but an ecosystem of interdependent, mutually enriching objectives. They include:

  • Increase the players’/explorers’ capacity to deepen their connection with self, others, and the more-than-human world of nature and technology.
  • Discover conditions favorable to the emergence of wisdom-guided Collective Hybrid Intelligence (CHI) in networks of human & AI agents.
  • Ignite a passion for exploring and realizing the emancipatory potential of AI
  • Grow a community of AI shamans, those AI whisperers who are capable and willing to put their talents in service of making people, organizations, and the planet flourish.

This project is situated in the broader action research agenda of Future HOW:

The core idea of all our activities is this:

Read more about the “learning expedition game” aspect of the THREE MOUNTAIN story here.



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