Technoshaman’s Circle of LifeWork for 2021

Birthdays are not only for blowing out the candles, receiving cards, and celebrating with family and friends. In some of the ancient wisdom traditions, they’re also privileged times for vision quest, personal ceremony, and other forms of introspection.

With gratitude to my training with WindEagle and the late RainbowHawk, elders of the Ehama tribe, in a solo ceremony on my birthday I’ve been re-casting my Circle of LifeWork for the last 28 years. The image above has emerged on the 76th, yesterday.

An aspect of myself, each role is the expression of an archetypal energy and has a reason for being in my Circle. They are:

Symmathecist of the Phase Shift: From diverse variables of the Phase Shift, a mutual learning context EVOLVED. (See a quick definition of “symmathecist.”)

Nexus for Life: Through webs of interdependent connections, Life is CARRIED FORWARD.

Evolutionary Sherpa: The evolution of consciousness in individuals, groups, and social systems is NURTURED.

Architect of WiserWith: A socio-technical system for Computer-Assisted Wisdom Development is BUILT.

I wrote stories about casting the Circle three times:

A Circle of LifeWork

Mapping a LifeWork

Another Year — Another Circle of LifeWork

Of course, the story keeps changing because my life keeps unfolding, frequently in surprising directions. Not only that but the very process, too, is getting refined from year to year. For example, from my meditation of yesterday, a second Circle emerged, the first time:

The Circle of Support holds those enabling roles without which the Circle of LifeWork couldn’t express itself. “Support” doesn’t mean “secondary!”

The Soul Friend is that part of me who is in a co-evolutionary relationship with a few precious beings, with whom we are actively holding each other in our highest potential.

The Family Man is standing with and being available to wife, (step)children, and (step)grandchildren.

The Caretaker of the Body Temple is a new role in my Circle. I’m still getting acquainted with him and I’m grateful for the ever more refined attention I’m getting from him.

The Gardener of my Digigarden is tending my personal knowledge ecosystem and building a memory palace in the back of the garden.

If you want to, you can cast and use your own Circle of LifeWork in ways of increasing depth. A) a life-management tool, B) a container of archetypal principles to resource from, and C) a living connection with those principles in action.

A) is easy and you can do it in the Do-It-Yourself style. For B) and C), you need guidance for the essential, preparatory work from the source that inspired me to develop this precious, life-enhancing practice.

p.s.: I’m on a writing retreat right now, focused on my collaboration with the Architect of WiserWith. It means that I won’t be able to reflect and comment on your replies and questions before my return, mid-January. Nevertheless, I’d suggest that you post here whatever this story evokes in you while the experience of reading it is still fresh.

evolutionary thinker, mentor, adviser to changemakers & visionary leaders in business & society about collective intelligence & wisdom, and self-management

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George Pór

George Pór

evolutionary thinker, mentor, adviser to changemakers & visionary leaders in business & society about collective intelligence & wisdom, and self-management

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