Enliven Large-Scale Emergence

Our meta-story in 12 tweets

What follows is what kicked me out from the bed, at 2:39 am, wanting to be written up. It was triggered by this tweet:


Much of Web3 is techno-solutionist: using code and external incentives to change behavior. Who in Web3 is the most interested by the internal: adult development and wisdom? (Kegan Level 5, Ken Wilber, Coherent Pluralism. ) cc @rufuspollock

I retweeted it, prefacing it with this question:

Among those in Web3 who are interested in the internal (adult development & wisdom), who are the ones also working on post-capitalist system change @RhysLindmark, is this a question potentially useful to YOUR research? (It is close to the hearth of mine.) If yes, let’s talk.

Rhys replied:
Yes, I’m v into this! Need Networked Wisdom:

- Networked (DAOs, etc.)

- Wisdom (Level 5 Kegan, etc.)

How are you thinking about creating this future, George?

I responded to his question with this series of tweets:

I can only contribute 2 it in a small number of ways, synergizing with yours. They include combining my http://www.whatisemerging.com/opinions/towards-an-enlivenment-theory-of-change


(video courtesy James Lee Thenerd

with my Generative Action Research methodology https://www.researchgate.net/publication/318110228_On_the_Verge_of_Collective_Awakening

into http://opencollective.com/else. cc:@RadxChange

The http://opencollective.com/else research streams can include:

  1. Expanding the “sovereignty” meme of @jgreenhall & Schmachty to collective sovereignty, focusing on such precedents of collective wisdom as collective sensing & meaning-making organs, self-reflection & intelligence

2. Training on how DAO can support social movements & how the latter can amplify the impact of progressive crypto/DAO

3. Integrating the “enlivenment” & “civilizational renewal” narratives in working prototypes on the social field of emergent, prefigurative movement ecosystems

4. Experimenting with inter-generational and inter-cultural, transcontextual mutual learning (Nora Bateson)

5. Discovering & walking on pathways from deliberately developmental communities to Deliberately Developmental Society, not by scaling up but scaling sideways

6. Drawing a repertory of capabilities that ecosystem facilitators need to have and marrying it with learning journeys towards the tipping point (decade?) into the Planetary Shift, hosted at Campus Co-Evolve, our virtual uni for movement builders and other evolutionary agents.

To me, the most exciting possibility is the 2nd- and 3rd-order cross-fertilization of these streams of the Generative Action Research. Which of them will really take off depends on funding and partnership with interested parties.

I couple my GAR methodology with Methodological Pluralism that includes Theory U, Dialogue Interviews, “trekking” on a virtual Learning Expedition, design thinking, applying multiple epistemological lenses through honoring different ways of knowing, and prototyping as research.

From my loooong inventory of social movements, these are of particular interest to me: commons transition, cosmolocalism, DAO, ReFi, regenerative economics, reinventing organizations, solarpunk. Other members of our team focus on transformative education & healing the healthcare.

Future HOW, our Center of Action Research is welcoming any ecosystem mapping effort serving the greater good, which wants to explore collaboration. And, our small team alone, couldn’t be able to carry out this ambitious but much needed project without support by all who feel called.

evolutionary thinker, mentor, adviser to changemakers & visionary leaders in business & society about collective intelligence & wisdom, and self-management

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George Pór

George Pór

evolutionary thinker, mentor, adviser to changemakers & visionary leaders in business & society about collective intelligence & wisdom, and self-management

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