Our meta-story in 12 tweets


Much of Web3 is techno-solutionist: using code and external incentives to change behavior. Who in Web3 is the most interested by the internal: adult development…

The more I tune in

with the miraculous intelligence

of the organs and cells of my body,

the more waves of awe and gratitude arise ~

gratitude to all the ancestors,

who have been cultivating it

since the Big Bang.

If I am not

only my body, my thoughts, my emotions, and sensation,

what I really am?

What else than a nexus of the same undivided life

that is connecting everything within

and flowing through the web of my relationships

from which it composes me without?

When death would take me out,

I will outsmart it by feeding the web

with enlivening cross-links,

so that the “I” can go

and life can keep flowing through it, uninterrupted.

The first wood bud of the Spring on the pear tree in our garden, in Brighton.

The “wood bud moment” of human organizing is when the meme of a generative & transformative initiative jumps from one mind to another, where it is absorbed by a fertile terrain.

I think of an initiative as generative when it generates more collective energy than it consumes. The initiative is…

Birthdays are not only for blowing out the candles, receiving cards, and celebrating with family and friends. In some of the ancient wisdom traditions, they’re also privileged times for vision quest, personal ceremony, and other forms of introspection.

With gratitude to my training with WindEagle and the late RainbowHawk, elders…

source: pikist.com

When I’m writing from off the top of my head, what comes through, most frequently, is ephemera and throw-away phrases with very short shelf-life.

When I’m writing from my soul, it’s like being in a conversation. It can be a conversation with a friend, my wife, children, an inspiring stranger…

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A foundational myth is being born in our time.

It is the planetary journey towards a new world of being,

an expedition into our interconnectedness in a higher harmony.

To fulfill itself, the energy of the Myth

is seeking to marry the energy of the Method for collective awakening.

“Improvisation” by Kandinsky

Change is happening. For better or worse. For better and worse.

Change is a fact of life. Trying to make it happen is futile or worse, given the unintended consequences of any linear, corrective action in a complex and volatile world.

I’m a recovering change-maker. Not only that, but I…

selfie with a slide in a seminar of the Marx & Philosophy Society at University College London, 8-Feb-2020

More contagious than the virus itself…

Mesmerized, during the day, I am watching moving images of the quarantined people telling their…

George Pór

evolutionary thinker, mentor, adviser to changemakers & visionary leaders in business & society about collective intelligence & wisdom, and self-management

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