George Pór

The more I tune in

with the miraculous intelligence

of the organs and cells of my body,

the more waves of awe and gratitude arise ~

gratitude to all the ancestors,

who have been cultivating it

since the Big Bang.

If I am not

only my body, my thoughts, my emotions, and sensation,

what I really am?

What else than a nexus of the same undivided life

that is connecting everything within

and flowing through the web of my relationships

from which it composes me without?

When death would take me out,

I will outsmart it by feeding the web

with enlivening cross-links,

so that the “I” can go

and life can keep flowing through it, uninterrupted.

George Pór

George Pór

evolutionary thinker, mentor, adviser to changemakers & visionary leaders in business & society about collective intelligence & wisdom, and self-management